Our Story

Our story – from Whelan Industries to Whelan Water

Whelan has been proudly handcrafting boiling and chilled water systems here in Melbourne for close to 60 years.

For many in the plumbing industry at that time, Whelan Industries was synonymous with excellence, quality, and craftsmanship.

In 2019 our team of industry experts were given the opportunity to revitalise the business with a renewed focus on servicing the evolving industry demands of today.

To mark this new chapter and focus on the future, Whelan is moving forward as Whelan Water.

Today we design, craft and service instant filtered boiling and chilled water solutions for any home and business.

Our diverse range includes the best under bench thermal tap in the industry, our twin tap series with a water filter that delivers boiling or chilled water instantly. 

Twin Tap Series 2


The Whelan Water touchflo tap can be easily fitted to any of our filtered or chilled systems, allowing a continuous flow of chilled water, therefore eliminating the need for plastic bottles.

We also offer a no frills wall mounted boiling system for the office or our top of the range custom built wall mounted Dynamicboil SL series, boasting up to 2250 cups of continuous boiling water.


With the convenience of all of our spare parts being available through our online store or in all major plumbing supplies throughout Australia, we strive to make things as convenient as possible for our customers. Click here to shop our full range of parts.

Our focus and commitment to producing the highest quality, hand crafted water purifiers, water filters, boiled and chilled water systems right here in Melbourne remains, whilst also providing timely and seamless servicing to all customers.

In the coming 12 months, we will be launching some exciting new products to the market, with greater versatility and customisation. In the meantime we will be firmly focused on supplying our customers and partners with the highest quality products that we have always been known for.